Comprehensive Solution

An integrated solution that includes all the components necessary to quickly install and manage the system.

Low-Power & Cost-Effective

The most power-efficient
megapixel surveillance camera

available on today’s market.

Easy-To-Use And Deploy

SOLVEIL delivers ease of installation because of its integrated design, which allows users to deploy the solution quickly and easily.

A Variety of Video Solutions to Address Industry-Specific Challenges

Our technologies offer these industries a well-tested solution that solves problems related to lack of infrastructure, while providing the ability to address these issues cost effectively and sustainably.

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 Dedication to Customers and Product Excellence

MicroPower offers an environmentally sustainable and low-maintenance surveillance solution that consumes less power, allowing organizations to realize cost and power savings, and enabling security to play a role in sustainability initiatives.

MicroPower Technologies is the global leader in solar-powered, wireless video systems for security, operations and business intelligence applications. Its unique solar and wireless design enables users to obtain coverage in areas previously unreachable by standard video systems. MicroPower revolutionizes outdoor video applications by reducing power consumption, expanding reach and lowering infrastructure costs. MicroPower solutions enable users to gain a new level of visibility into their operations.

MicroPower Technologies designs and manufactures video solutions built on proven technologies including wireless and solar.
MicroPower was built around the idea that video systems could be deployed in areas that traditional products could not reach, extending the use of video surveillance to new areas and uses.
MicroPower’s expert team and robust partner network can design a solution that can extend your video network to new areas — extending video coverage to new areas to enhance security while tapping into new use cases.
“The MicroPower cameras increase our ability to meet the security needs of specific events. We don’t have to bear the high cost of additional infrastructure to meet our tactical needs as a police department.”

“Since they have been in place, the MicroPower cameras have exposed and changed employee behavior and cash collections have increased. The MicroPower system has provided an immediate and significant ROI for the facility. We also have a cost-effective means to move cameras as our parking situation changes”
“Users in the sports stadium market who choose to integrate MicroPower solutions as part of their security infrastructure can do so with the confidence that the technology meets NCS4’s validation criteria and helps mitigate the security risks associated with today’s sporting events.”

 Award-Winning Technology